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Amazing Quality at great prices!

Cute clothes at an affordable price. Clothes look just like the pictures. Will definitely keep purchasing.

I'm in love with their shades! So chic and stylish. 

Hey Sista

Hey Sistas! I am here to provide haute, chic, stylish yet affordable fashion piece to all my beautiful sistas. Yes You heard correctly, ALL! From petite to curvy I want you to express yourself and do it with fashion!  Beauty has no shape. Its not what you wear , it's how you wear it. Some styles are exclusively sold here.

As Sista we are excited to provide excellent customer service, affordable prices, and guarantee fast shipping so that you may have the best experience and become a loyal customer. So Tell a friend!

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Rihanna, Sis We Miss You At The Met Gala But Yassssssss!!

Rihanna, Sis We Miss You At The Met Gala But Yassssssss!!

This most recent Monday, May 6th, 2019 was the Camp themed met gala and our favorite beautiful slaying fashionista Rhianna was absent! And you thought was I was thinking, you were thinking, "Where Is Rhianna?"  Well It looks like she wanted us talking! And not because she missed an amazing event, but because she had her own special project launching!!
Come through Ciara

Come through Ciara

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Haute Sista

Haute Sista

What is that ? What does it Mean? How do you pronounce it? These are some questions that people ask me when it comes to my online store and I am mo...