Haute Sista

What is that ? What does it Mean? How do you pronounce it? These are some questions that people ask me when it comes to my online store and I am more than happy to answer it. 

Haute is a French word that means high-class, fashionable, or elegance. I remember when I was looking for something to represent what I was going for and the word Haute came to mind. To me, it was a word that wasn't used too often and I wanted to have a fashion website that allowed a woman to feel high class and be fashionable at an affordable cost.  When I think of the word Haute I think ball gowns, queens, and royalty. I added the word Sista to it to bring edge or oomph to the overall vibe of Haute Sista. You won't find much ball gowns here, but you find affordable trendy, chic, and fashionable styles. 

Haute is pronounced: haut \ˈōt, ˈō

You wouldn't believe how many time I changed the name of my store.

                                              slaps palm on forehead

Coming up with a name was hard. A lot of names I wanted to use were already taken and the other ones I came up with just weren't right. I came up with Haute Sista and to be honest I wasn't too fond of it. But I remember why I chose it. It was going to have people asking what is that? What does it mean? How do you pronounce it? And those are all the right questions I wanted them to ask!